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Gift Giving!

So, you’re invited to a celebration. This celebration can be anything: birthday party, engagement party, baby shower, wedding shower, baby sprinkle, wedding, housewarming party…we could really go on and on with this. Anyhow, we’ve had some questions on what you should gift for any of these-and we’re going to help you out!


NOTE: There is not a proper amount to spend for any of these occasions. Give what you can and feel is appropriate for your budget! Any gift is from the heart and appreciated just as much as the next!

Showers! If you’re invited to any kind of shower you should bring or send a gift from their registry! The shower is celebrating a milestone in the person’s/couple’s life and they could use the helping hand. These days it is even SUPER easy for us who love to plop on the couch after work and not go to the mall. Most invites include a sweet little note about their registry and you can order them something online in just a few minutes. It will even ship straight to their home! Very little work on your part, but they will remember your kindness and generosity!

Engagement Parties! Some couples have an engagement party thrown for them before they’ve registered for anything. My suggestion for this is bringing a nice bottle of wine. Simple and Celebratory! Not a drinking couple? Gift card to the movies or a simple dinner at a local restaurant! Everyone knows that date nights are AWESOME.

Housewarming Party! If the couple has just gotten married and you already purchased something off of their registry, maybe just bring a nice bottle of wine to stock their bar with! If they’re not a drinker? Maybe a small gift card to a store like Bed Bath and Beyond or Home Depot where they can get something for their house! (From a new homeowner-you can NEVER go wrong with Home Depot gift cards)

Weddingssss! Of course you should get the couple a gift for their wedding! It’s a momentous occasion. If there is a shower-send or bring the gift then. Multiple gifts aren’t necessary for those! If not, send the gift via their online store before the wedding. It is so much nicer to not have to wrap and carry in a present to the actual wedding.

**Last but never least: we always think it’s a courtesy to send something if you’ve been invited and can’t go. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive at all! Hand written cards and a $5 Starbucks gift card really does go much further than you think! **

Hope this helps all of you party goers!


5 Reasons to opt out of the Traditional Aisle Runner

Aisle runners are beautiful. They serve great for the before pictures of your ceremony space. We must note, though, that they have a few rather big downfalls! We have 5 reasons we think the traditional aisle runner should be carefully thought about when planning your upcoming wedding.

1. No matter how many weddings certain guests have been to, they ALWAYS seem to forget that they shouldn’t walk on the runner, and end up tracking the outside onto your beautiful cream aisle runner. If there is no runner, you won’t need to worry about guests messing it up pre-ceremony!

2. Your bridesmaids are nervous enough to walk in heels down an aisle with 150 people watching them-don’t add extra pressure for them! More than likely they wont get to practice with the exact heels they’ll be wearing on the day of, and adding in extra fabric to walk on might cause an Uh-Oh! when waltzing down towards the alter.

3. Your lovely train and veil have never seen met the aisle runner. With all of those gorgeous beads, sequins and rhinestones, you may end up with an OH-MY! on your hands when getting stuck or snagged!

4. I’m 100% positive that your venue is breathtaking, otherwise you wouldn’t have fallen in love with it for your big day! Stick with the feel it conveys as a venue and don’t worry about covering it up with a runner! If you feel it does need just a hint of spice, try lining the aisle with flower petals or vases with floating candles.

5. Last but most certainly not the least-my most important reason! The pictures you have of you walking down the aisle and then back down it as a married woman will be ones that you cherish for the rest of your life! Think about how a light colored runner will blend in to conceal your fabulous wedding gown-or on the flip side- how a bright colored one will take the spotlight in your photos!

We hope these ideas make for a more beautiful and stress free wedding. Remember to be yourself and let that shine in your big day!

Just a few ideas from yours truly at AE! Thanks for stopping by and happy planning!