Kate Spade Inspired Styled Shoot!

A few weeks ago we worked with the lovely Loren from Think Elysian who was a wizard with her camera and captured our Kate Spade inspired styled shoot quite perfectly! We also had our commercial filmed at the same time by Cinematic Saviors.

Almost every piece of decor was “DIY” inspired also. In a few of the upcoming blogs, I’ll be showing you how I created each one!

Basically, it was a wonderful day with a few pretty awesome people!

awestruck_01 awestruck_02 awestruck_04 awestruck_06 awestruck_07 awestruck_08 awestruck_10 awestruck_17 awestruck_20 awestruck_28 awestruck_29 awestruck_31 awestruck_39 awestruck_40 awestruck_42 awestruck_47 awestruck_49 awestruck_52 awestruck_64 awestruck_67 awestruck_70